At 40 minutes from Swiss Colony. Colonia historic district of was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1995 due to the fact that its buildings illustrate the fusion of different styles such as Spanish and Portuguese colonial and post-colonial.

This city is now a tourist attraction for visitors from Buenos Aires, which through daily frequency fast-ferries join the
two cities in 50 minutes.

Sacramento Colony Sacramento Colony
Sacramento Colony Sacramento Colony


Founders Park Founders Park

This is the city's Central Park, the only Swiss Colony
in Uruguay and one of the few in Latin America.
This monument of Italian Sculptor Aristides Bassi honors the early settlers of what is called "New Helvetia Swiss Agricultural Colony."


The city of Nueva Helvecia, founded in 1862 by Swiss immigrants and some Austrians, Germans and French, includes one of the major dairy areas of Uruguay and was the first agricultural center of the country, supplying Montevideo's mills for many years.

In this place, people were owners of the first threshing machine, and the first steam mill that operated until the construction of The Great Water Mill in 1875.

Unfortunately, on March 7 morning, 1881, the mill was found in flames. No one knew what happened that tragic night.

The Burnt Mill can be visited and was declared a National Historical Monument, due to it's importance for the development of the region in the latter part nineteenth century.

Burnt Mill Burnt Mill


At 10 minutes, by an internal route that crosses fields
and dairy farms. All services included (Beach restaurants, supermarkets, etc).

Fomento Beach Fomento Beach