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COLONIA is located in the southwest of the country, where the Uruguay River merges into the Rio de la Plata, which borders the shores of the department. It has a 6,106 km2 area, and a population of 120,200 inhabitants.

SWISS COLONY is located at the southeast of Colonia department, equidistant between Buenos Aires and Montevideo.

Swiss Colony - Nueva Helvecia

The urban area of this colony is called NUEVA HELVECIA and it's proclamation dates from 1894. Located at only 120 km. from Montevideo, and 60 km. from COLONIA by Route 1.

This small village, founded by Swiss immigrants, has a unique beauty.

Nueva Helvecia entrance Schoenstatt Sanctuary
The peace and safety of the place, live in harmony with the inhabitants's friendliness and hospitality.

Every August 1st the Switzerland Feast is celebrated.
This party's special charm increases year by year since the foundation.

Switzerland Feast - Celebrations

During these celebrations, the traditional dances and songs are added to the production and tasting, of course, of the most traditional and tasty Swiss dishes; recipes which remain almost unaltered since their origin.

Switzerland Feast - Tastings

The traditional cheese production is one of the most disctintive features of the place, and it has become the cover letter, not just of Nueva Helvecia but all over the Department. The delicious "Colonia Cheese" has been named after the place.

Sweets and preserved food production highlights, and also dairy production, which has led to the installation of important industries.

Switzerland Feast - Cheese production